Posh Puppy

A Short-sleeved Tee Just For Me?! Yipee!!

Some dogs don’t care how they look. Some even hate to wear doggie clothes; they say they feel silly, or something like that. They couldn’t be more wrong. I like wearing doggie clothes, the more, the merrier!

My owner buys me a lot of my clothing online. There’s a huge number of web stores that offer quality apparel at very reasonable prices. All you have to know is your size and you’re off! My size is XXS, if you’re interested :)

I’ve got a number to doggie T-shirts – sports T-shirts, music T-shirts, famous cartoon characters T-shirts… You name it, I (probably) own it! I think it’s cool to be dressed differently every day, it shows that you have style and it sets you apart from other dogs.

If you want to check out a cool doggie clothes website, check out The Posh Puppy Boutique.

...they say they feel silly?

…they say they feel silly?

Do you have recommendations of your own? Let us know!