Lily's Ode to Laziness

Lily’s Ode to Laziness


I’m lying on the family couch

on a Monday afternoon

I know I should be getting up

But I feel like a balloon


Stuffed myself at lunch again

with ham and steaks and kibble

I ate it all, just couldn’t stop

down to the final nibble.


Now I can’t move, it’s all my fault

but I don’t really care

As long as I can get some sleep

I’m fine with it, I swear!


I hate to walk, I like to eat
I’m not ashamed to say

My life’s a mix of sleep and food

repeated every day.


My family tries to make me see

that I should do more walking

But I just don’t believe in it,

I find the concept shocking!


I’ll keep on dozing on this couch,

inventing while I’m resting

And like the best inventors known

I’ll do a lot of testing.


In order to invent a way

to exercise through sleep and food

I’ll concentrate (on naps and snacks)

just like an inventor should!