Dog Food Review: Aunt Jeni’s Home Made Dog Food (Raw Frozen)

Dog Food Review: Aunt Jeni’s Home Made Dog Food (Raw Frozen)

Today, we’ll look at Aunt Jeni’s Home Made (Raw Frozen) Food. Aunt Jeni’s Home Made is a dog food company that started doing business in 1998. It is owned and run by Jennifer Boniface, who has a Masters degree in Animal Nutrition Science. Whoa, well done, Jennifer!
Aunt Jeni’s Home Made Raw Frozen published a pledge on their website, stating that they will always:

  • Use only the freshest, highest quality, whole-food ingredients from eco-friendly farms.
  • Use meat and poultry from animals that are free-range, grass-fed, humanely raised and killed, and contain no added growth hormones or antibiotics.
  • Use proper HACCP (safe food handling) techniques.
  • Prepare their products theirselves, using the same care and attention that you would. They proudly own and operate our FDA registered and inspected manufacturing facility.
  • Deliver the best customer care anywhere, with a knowledgeable and caring staff who love pets as if they were their own.

… and that they will never:

  • Use “4D” (not suitable for human consumption) meats.
  • Use so-called “approved for pet food” ingredients such as “offal” or “by-products.”
  • “Denature” the food, for example by adding charcoal or other inactive, nutrient-robbing ingredients.
  • “Water down” the nutritional content of our food by packing it full of grains that carnivores do not need and cannot fully utilize.
  • Add anything synthetic or unnatural.

Their products also don’t contain any chemicals, preservatives, colorings, dyes, additives, sugar, salt, yeast, soy or grain of any kind.

For all of the above, I give Aunt Jeni’s Home Made Raw Frozen Diets a biig paws up!